What can I expect at Cheese School?

A day of meeting cheese makers, other producers and food experts. Lots to eat, taste, try, drink and talk about.

You can read about our different modules here. 

When can I make a reservation?

As soon as we schedule events it will be possible to buy tickets online

What is the price per person and what is included in that price?

The usual price for a whole days Cheese School is £125 though we frequently offer discounts for early bookings. Evening events tend to cost between £30 and £40 depending on the event.

How many people attend the events?

between 15 and 35 - depending on the event and venue

Do you take reservations for larger parties?

Yes, and we are happy to arrange bespoke events

Do your run tailormade events?

Yes, you can arrange for Cheese School to come to you. We can organise one-off tailormade classes for groups, parties, cheese clubs, historical societies, families etc on any aspect of cheese you choose.  We can also arrange for a hands-on cheesemaking session or demonstration.

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Can you accommodate persons with dietary restrictions such as vegetarians, vegans or people with food allergies?

The main focus of the day is of course cheese and the majority of those cheeses are made with un-pasteurised milk and traditional (animal) rennet. We will always endeavour to accommodate vegetarians - with showing a variety of vegetarian rennet cheeses - as long as we are made aware in advance.  Please also let us know if you don’t drink alcohol as we will tailor the event to suit.

When will I receive directions and other important information about the event?

These will be sent out in the fortnight before the event

Does Cheese School host private events?

Yes please contact us on enquiries@cheeseschool.co.uk to discuss

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes please contact us on  enquiries@cheeseschool.co.uk 

Will I be able to see a copy of the lunch menu?

Copies of the menu available on request

Can you accommodate children at the events?

Only by arrangement at private events.

What if I have tickets but I can't attend the event?

We can usually do a full refund up to 3 weeks before and a 50% refund up to 2 weeks before. It's difficult to do more than that as we may not be able re-sell the tickets in the 11th hour - however, if you did have to cancel in the few days before hand and we were able to sell the tickets then we would give you 100% refund!

What time do the events begin and how late do they go?

Day long events begin at 10.30 and end at 4pm. Evening events tend to begin around 6.30 and run till about 8.30 or 9.